Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Sound of Settling

I just had a profound need to write about this.

I've been at the new studio for one month, it feels like a week. I'm still finding my feet socially, artistically and housework wise (we have an apprentice that does everything and I'm still not used to not doing chores).

I've invested in new equipment, new books and I'm making a flash book.

Today I find myself sitting at the PC scanning line-work in a leisurely manner for my flash book. I have the aroma of a Maruchan tanuki soba noodle bowl drifting upwards from he desk. Only a pot of sencha tea would make this any better.

Oh lord, I am so happy.

I just hope that I can knuckle down hard enough to get to the standard I need to be as a tattooist and an artist in this studio.

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