Monday, November 17, 2014

Geisha and Samurai

I've been tattooing for almost three years now.
My other half, let's call him "Hal", and I celebrated our second anniversary this year.
I am now fully sleeved. Hal says he could never be with anyone without tattoos now. I agree.
I tattooed his hands last weekend.
His identity should be kept out of this blog as he is a member of a well known, international MC.
My backpiece is being started next March; I'm really excited about the idea, but also dreading the pain.
I get tattooed by the illustrious Luca Ortis in London.
Our studio has a new apprentice, "Feenie", we get along well, I recently gave her a tattoo for her dog who passed away.
Feenie says I'm like a mother to her in the studio. She's only ten years my junior, but by Essex standards that makes me old enough to be her mother. Unprompted, people say "It's nice to see you and your big sister" to Feenie when they see us at parties. The word "Onesan" always crosses my mind when I hear that.
I am a keyholder at the studio, I am trusted to open and manage the studio every weekend.
My boss, "Ned", is still like a father to me. My mentor, "Jay", an older brother.
I go to a lot of biker parties; I sit at bars in clubhouses and look pretty for Hal and to network for business.
I keep finding parallels between what we do with ancient Japan; Hal and the other MC members are like samurai who have traded their horses and katanas for motorcycles and ball peen hammers. I am his geisha, I entertain my clients and our friends with my art and witty banter... but my heart belongs to him.
He and his brothers protect me from anything and everything untoward. I've never had a level of confidence, comfort and security like this.

We are untouchable, living in our perfect little world of warriors and artists.

A mysterious, impenetrable world that only those who need know, know well.

Invited guests only.

What you see there, what you do there, stays there.

Love, honour and respect to my new family and our lifestyle.


  1. Hi there Kat

    My Name is Jim, i live in south London. I saw your work a long time ago on Deviant art and i have only know just rediscovered it as i stopped using it about 10 years ago! i just wanted to say that i love your work and was hoping there was somewhere where i could see more of it? do you have a website or anything? congratulations on becoming a professional tattooist (something i am hoping to do myself!) and good luck with Luca Ortis, i met him once and he was an awesome guy!
    all the best

    1. What a small world! Would I remember your username on Deviantart? I'm on instagram, @karashishikat

      Your work is the tits, I'd gladly give a follow back and keep in touch with you :)